Prayer of the Dying - Suffocate in Hatred (Official Video)

Filmed & Edited by Eric Mangion
Produced By Daniel Bezzina and Prayer of the Dying
Recorded by Martin Ciappara.
Mixed & Mastered by Daniel Bezzina @

News: Update on Prayer of the Dying’s New Album

Martin Ciappara, the brain behind the blackened brawn of Prayer of the Dying has released an exclusive statement to Crown of Viserys:

“All of the music for the songs are written, and in January I will continue recording them, all fifteen of them, with the producer Daniel Bezzina. There is a lot of experimentation on this album, with a different sound for Prayer of the Dying that I hope the few, but really true followers of the band will enjoy.”

When asked if there is any song titles or an album title, Martin replied:

“The album will be called Banished from Death, but I don’t have any song titles yet as I am still finalizing the lyrics.”

Banished from Death is expected to be ready by Summer of 2015. Keep your eyes on Crown of Viserys for any further Prayer of the Dying news.

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